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Ivy Glam Beauty Bar - Virginia Beach
4724 Virginia Beach Blvd

Nail Technician Course

Dive glam-first into the ever-colorful world of nail artistry with Ivy Glam's Nail Technician Course. We're offering you a rich tapestry of professional instruction, hands-on experiences, and industry insights to truly nail your career in all things manicure!

Nail the Art with Ivy Glam

Honey, let's paint the town... and your career, in every color of your dream! Our Nail Technician Course blends comprehensive instruction and real-world scenarios to equip you with the hippest and up-to-the-minute techniques you'll need to transform your clients' hands into works of art.

Just imagine yourself confidently swirling the brush, strategically placing the gems, and layering on color like a pro. That's not a daydream, darling, it's just a glimpse of your future after taking our glitz-loaded course!

Live Full Access

Live hands-on training by professional beauty technicians, along with access to training materials

All-Inclusive Kit & Manual

Course kit includes everything you'll need to become an expert.

In-Depth Curriculum

Learn the latest, greatest, trendiest techniques and styles, with Ivy Glam's in-depth curriculum.

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Course Curriculum Overview

This course is every nail enthusiast's dream escape! It courses through the nail world with a well-designed curriculum, unfurling everything from manicures and pedicures, false nails, nail art, and much more. You’ll learn the theories, the techniques, and tips to turn nails from blah to 'BAM!' in no time.

  1. Nail Anatomy and Physiology: Bid adieu to nail troubles as you gain knowledge about the structure and growth of natural nails.
  2. Nail Care Treatments: Immerse yourself in the world of diverse nail care treatments, including ace-level manicures and pedicures.
  3. Nail Art: Jump onto the trend wagon with nail art techniques that'll make every hand a showstopper!
  4. Health and Safety: Nurture a spotless practice by mastering the hygiene and health safety norms in nail services.

Now, glam squad, let's get those chic nails ready! The Ivy Glam Nail Technician Course is here to polish your skills to perfection. Let's set sail on this shimmering journey together!