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Unleash Your Inner Diva with Ivy Glam Brazilian Waxing Service

Raise a shot of champagne, my glamorous friends, to the ultimate in velvety smooth skin! Brazilian waxing at Ivy Glam is more than just a waxing session - it's an act of self-love, a sweet tribute to the diva within you.

Okay darling, here's the deal. We know exposing your most intimate area to a stranger might feel a bit...awkward. But hey, we're all girls here, right? At Ivy Glam, we're all about creating a personal connection with our clients (with a generous sprinkle of light-hearted giggles), making your journey to silky smoothness a comfortable, enjoyable ride.

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Ivy Glam Brazilian Waxing is what you need

Here's why you're going to fall head over heels:

Expert Estheticians for a Flawless Brazilian

Our Ivy Glam waxing goddesses are highly trained and experienced, ensuring a swift, accurate Brazilian waxing service. They're known for their fabulous listening ears, taking into account your desired shape and comfort level. It's not just about removing hair; it's about celebrating every inch of your beautiful self.

Private, Comfortable Settings

Fear not about privacy, darling. Each Brazilian waxing session is conducted in a private room, ensuring your comfort. Our cool and casual setting allows you to shake off those inhibitions and embrace the smooth skin underneath. Plus, did we mention there's champagne involved?

Long-Lasting Smoothness

Brazilian waxing at Ivy Glam provides long-lasting smoothness that shaving just can't match. So, go ahead and book that beach vacation or surprise your partner with your brand new look. Darling, you'll be ready, and most importantly, you'll be smooth.

Complimentary Drink in hand, glam on point!

Treat yourself to a beauty routine with a toast! Enjoy a free drink on the house with any service. 🥂 Sip on a delightful Mimosa, pop some bubbly champagne, or unwind with a luscious glass of wine. Book your very own glam version of happy hour today! After all, self-care is always better with a complimentary drink in hand!🍷

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Brazillian Beauty by the Beach and Beyond

Fabulous news, glam fam! Ivy Glam's Brazilian Waxing Service is available at both our welcoming Hampton Roads locations—Virginia Beach and Hampton. You're only a short drive away from your smoothest, sexiest version yet. Click a location to get more information about hours, address and other services offered.

Ivy Glam Beauty Bar - Virginia Beach

Unwind in our upscale, Ivy Glam beauty bar in Virginia Beach, where our expert team pampers you from head to toe. Indulge in our wide range of beauty services, including lash extensions, microblading, permanent makeup, nails, and waxing.

Ivy Glam Spa & Wellness - Coming Soon

Experience rejuvenation at IvyGlam Spa & Wellness, the premier Hampton spa located at Peninsula Town Center, offering luxurious treatments, skincare, and nail services for a truly unforgettable experience.

Brazilian Waxing FAQ

IvyGlam has rounded up all your Brazilian Waxing questions and answers.

How long does Ivy Glam's Brazilian Waxing last?

Does the Brazilian wax hurt?

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my Brazilian waxing appointment at Ivy Glam?

Can I get a Brazilian Waxing Service during my period?

Is there any aftercare required post-Brazilian waxing at Ivy Glam?

How often should I schedule my Brazilian waxing appointments?

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Who Run the World? Smooth Girls!

Are you ready to rule the world with your silky smoothness? Book your Brazilian Waxing appointment now and join the fabulous Ivy Glam sisterhood. Let's get the champagne ready—we can't wait to celebrate YOU!

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