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Keep your lashes lush 24/7 with our exclusive Unlimited Eyelash Extension Membership

Pay one convenient monthly fee for unlimited eyelash extension fills and enjoy the freedom to refresh your lashes as frequently as desired. Bid farewell to lash emergencies and periods of gapping eyelashes.

At Ivy Glam, we are committed to providing an unparalleled lash experience for every client. Our team is composed of professional, certified eyelash extension technicians, ready to cater to your needs at a moment's notice.

To get started, claim your free 15-min consult with our expert lash technicians. A certified lash tech will offer guidance on which lash membership is right for your lash goals.

The Perks of Eyelash Extensions with Ivy Glam

Transform your lashes and experience the endless benefits of Ivy Glam


Flexible Scheduling with Expert Lash Artists

Revel in the flexibility and easy scheduling at Ivy Glam! Our proficient team of certified eyelash professionals stands ready, assuring high-quality services at a time that suits you. No more long waits - your favorite technician or any skilled artist can cater to your lash needs promptly.

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Consistent Quality & Long Lash Retention

We promise consistent results and impeccable retention because our techs are well-versed in the Ivy Glam product line, which features top-tier extension glues and cleaners among other products. We work with classic lash styles to mega volume, ensuring your style is always tailor-fitted to you.

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Two Lash Bar Location Options in Hampton Roads

With two convenient locations in Hampton Roads - one in Virginia Beach and another in the bustling Peninsula town center, Hampton - we've made getting glamorous that much easier! You can choose your preferred location and technician for every lash fill, ensuring perfect lashes are never more than a short trip away.

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Experienced & Quality Eyelash Technicians

Our technicians are not just certified - they go through rigorous, Ivy Glam-specific training and continue to receive education in eyelash extension techniques. This means that you can always count on a true professional, committed to their craft, who understands the latest trends, and advanced techniques in the lash world.

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The Eyelash Membership Includes:

Pay one convenient monthly fee for unlimited eyelash extension fills and enjoy the freedom to refresh your lashes as frequently as desired. Bid farewell to lash emergencies and periods of gapping eyelashes.

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$30 Off Any Full Set with Enrollment

Start your eyelash extension membership journey with Ivy Glam on a high note! Our generous membership benefits include a $30 discount off any full set application with the start of your membership, enriching your experience from the get-go. Embrace this lavish treat as the first step towards consistently stunning lashes.

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Unlimited Eyelash Extension Fills

Indulge in the unparalleled benefit of unlimited lash refills with Ivy Glam's exceptional membership. No more waiting for appointments or shelling out for pricey refills; simply enjoy frequent visits to maintain flawless lashes, keeping your lashes looking stunning at all times.

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Aftercare Eyelash Gift ($50 Value)

As a special thank you, Ivy Glam members will receive a complimentary gift worth $50 that includes a selection of our best-selling after-care products. These essentials will ensure your lashes look immaculate and last even longer between visits.

Ivy Glam Eyelash Extension Pricing & Membership Package

Ivy Glam offers fabulous lash extensions to give you the stunning eyes you deserve. We offer five swoon-worthy lash types to suit your unique personality and desired look. Explore our pricing for full sets and refills to see how much you can save with a monthly lash membership.

*Kindly note, refill prices are based on time since last service and only apply to Ivy Glam applied services. Any fill after 4 weeks will require a new full set.

Ivy Glam classic eyelash extensions.


Perfect for a subtle, natural boost, these individual lash extensions add length and volume to your existing lashes. Say hello to a fresh, wide-awake look that's perfect for everyday wear.

New Classic Set
Classic Refill 1 Week*
Classic Refill 2-3 Weeks*
Classic Refill 3-4 Weeks*
Classic Membership
Ivy Glam hybrid eyelash extensions.


Can't decide between classic and volume? Our hybrid lashes combine the best of both worlds, giving you a fuller, yet still natural appearance. Get ready to bat those lovely lashes with confidence!

New Hybrid Set
Hybrid Refill 1 Week*
Hybrid Refill 2-3 Weeks*
Hybrid Refill 3-4 Weeks*
Hybrid Membership
Ivy Glam natural volume eyelash extensions.

Natural Volume

For those days when you want a little extra oomph, our natural volume lashes are just the ticket. These lightweight, multi-dimensional lashes create a soft, fluffy look that enhances your eyes without going over the top.

New Natural Volume Set
Natural Volume Refill 1 Week*
Natural Volume Refill 2-3 Weeks*
Natural Volume Refill 3-4 Weeks*
Natural Volume Membership
Ivy Glam dramatic volume eyelash extensions.

Dramatic Volume

Ready to turn heads and make a statement? Our dramatic volume lashes are here to help you steal the spotlight. With their ultra-lush, bold design, these lashes will make your eyes pop and leave everyone in awe.

New Dramatic Volume Set
Dramatic Volume Refill 1 Weeks
Dramatic Volume Refill 2-3 Weeks*
Dramatic Volume Refill 3-4 Weeks*
Dramatic Volume Membership
Ivy Glam wispies eyelash extensions.

Wispies Custom Add-On

Our Wispies Custom lashes elevate your look to a whole new level. These attention-grabbing lashes offer a unique, fluttery effect, adding depth and allure to your eyes, ensuring a truly stunning, unforgettable gaze.

New Mega Volume Set
Mega Volume Refill 1 Week*
Mega Volume Refill 2-3 Weeks*
Mega Volume Refill 3-4 Weeks*
Wispy Membership

Membership FAQ's

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Can Ivy Glam accommodate clients who currently have a set from another salon?

How frequently can I come in for lash refills?

Can I switch between styles, for example, from classic to hybrid lashes, with my membership?

Can I pause my membership if needed?

How is the membership billed?

Can I share my membership with friends or family members?

Can I add tip to my monthly bill?

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"This place is absolutely gorgeous. Great for a self care day or a girls day out. Another thing I like about this salon is that it’s really diverse and goes beyond manicures and pedis..."

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"I had been debating getting my eyebrows done for quite some time and was so happy I went to Ivy Glam Beauty Bar. They definitely exceeded my expectations!!..."

- Kendra Rauch
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Say Goodbye to Lash Emergencies & Hello to Perfect Lashes 24/7

Get ready to experience the ultimate in eyelash extensions with our exclusive membership that offers unlimited fills, expert technicians, and a range of styles that will leave you feeling glamorous! To get started, claim your free, 15-min lash membership consult with one of our expert lash techs to review your lash goals and find the right lash membership for you!

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